Entry requirements

Dear passengers,

from Friday, January 15th, 2021, an electronic registration will be mandatory* before entering Austria!
The following data must be provided: name, date of birth, e-mail address, residential or residence address, date of entry, possible date of departure, as well as the countries of residence for the last ten days.

-> Click here for Online Registration/Pre-Travel-Clearance

If you enter Austria from abroad**, you are generally obliged to quarantine for 10 days after entry! A molecular biological or antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 can be carried out on the 5th day after entry at the earliest - the entry day is considered day 0. If the result is negative, the quarantine can be ended early.

** Exception: Australia • Finland • Ireland • Iceland • Japan • New Zealand • Norway • South Korea • Uruguay • Vatican

Best regards,
your VIB team

* Exceptions from this regulation and registration:
People whose entry falls under one of the following exceptions do not have to register, nor do they have to go into quarantine:

  • Entries for unforeseeable, non-postponable and serious reasons within the family, especially serious cases of illness, deaths, funerals, births, or care of persons in need of support at emergencies.
  • Entries for compelling reasons of animal care or for measures necessary for agriculture and forestry.
  • Professional transfer journeys/transfer flights.
  • Transit through Austria without a stopover.
  • Regular commuter traffic for professional purposes (except for personal caregivers).
  • Regular commuter traffic to attend school or university.
  • Regular commuter traffic for family purposes, or to visit a life partner.
  • Occupants of emergency vehicles or public service vehicles.
  • Persons crossing foreign territory coming from Austria without a stopover to reach their destination in Austria.
  • The entry into the municipalities of Vomp-Hinterriss, Mittelberg and Jungholz.

Please note that the Republic of Austria is massively controlling its borders!

If a person violates the entry requirements and does not enter quarantine, there is a fine of up to € 1.450,-!
Anyone who has been tested positively and breaks the quarantine will commit a criminal offence and will have to expect significantly stricter penalties!