Travel restrictions

Dear passengers,

please note the current travel warnings of the Republic of Austria and the associated travel restrictions!

Due to the global spread of the corona virus, travel warnings (security level 6) currently apply to 35 states:
Egypt; Albania; Andorra; Argentina; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brazil; Chile; Costa Rica; Ecuador; India; Indonesia; Iran; Israel; Kosovo; Kuwait; Maldives; Mexico; Montenegro; Nigeria; North Macedonia; Pakistan; Peru; Philippines; Republic of Moldova; Romania; Russia; Senegal; Serbia; South Africa; Turkey; Ukraine; USA.

In addition, a partial travel warning (security level 5) applies to Bulgaria and Croatia, the Chinese province of Hubei as well es the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands, for the French regions Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Île-de-France (including the capital Paris) for the Portuguese regions of Norte and Lisbon and the Czech region of Prague. For the rest of these countries, security level 4 (high security risk) applies, which means that unnecessary travel is still not recommended.

The travel warning for Sweden (security level 6) is cancelled and downgraded to security level 4 (high security risk). However, this means that unnecessary travel is still not recommended.

Click here for the current entry requirements!

FAQs of the Federal Ministry of Health on entry requirements can be found at

Please also note the current exit restrictions FROM Austria: Currently there is a high travel warning across Europe for Austria (security level 6 - red traffic light)!                                                       

Please note that the Republic of Austria will position 1,800 border guards at the Austrian borders and control them massively! The Austrian Chancellor explicitly pointed out that, without exception, every coach will be inspected at the borders with Hungary and Slovenia!