Travel restrictions

Dear passengers,

please note the current travel warnings of the Republic of Austria and the associated travel restrictions!

Due to the global spread of the corona virus, travel warnings currently apply to 31 states:
Egypt; Albania; Bangladesh; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Chile; Ecuador; India; Indonesia; Iran; Kosovo; Mexico; Montenegro; Nigeria; North Macedonia; Pakistan; Peru; Philippines; Portugal; Republic of Moldova; Romania; Russia; Sweden; Senegal; Serbia; South Africa; Turkey; Ukraine; United States.
In addition, a partial travel warning applies to the Chinese province of Hubei.

The entry of third-country nationals from outside Schengen is currently prohibited. Third country nationals must provide a medical certificate not older than 72 hours that confirms a negative SARS-CoV-2 test  when enterning from the Schengen area, Andorra, Bulgaria, Ireland, Croatia, Monaco, Romania, San Marino, Vatican, the United Kingdom AND start a 10-day quarantine period. Click here for the current entry requirements (DE)!