Vive la France! La France vive!

That is what a customer of the long distance coaches will experience, since France is a country with 65.5 million residents and a land of abundance and diversity

Mediterranean coasts in the south, the Atlantic in the west, ski resorts in the Alps in between, the Benelux countries to the north, and a cosmopolitan city in central France, which is and remains unique - Paris.

To explain the touristic possibilities in France is a virtually impossible task. Indeed it must be said that the quality of life, culinary aspects, sport, fashion, music and culture are so incredibly diverse in France - there is clearly something for everyone.

French cuisine should always be a top priority on the itinerary of every visitor. No matter where you are in France it is sure to be home to a French specialty. The quality and diversity are unique and this is the reason why the cuisine in France has such an influence on lifestyle and national culture.

In 2010, French gastronomy was added by UNESCO to its lists of the world's "intangible cultural heritage". Bon appétit and bon voyage in the country with the most distinguished chef in the world, Paul Bocuse. Let the long distance coach provider take you to some of the most beautiful cities in France.