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Discover the beauty of Slovakia!

5.4 million Slovaks have been members of the EU since 2004 and live in a very diverse country with a mountain country character, with mountain chains such as the High Tatras boasting Gerlachovsky, the highest peak of 2,655 m above sea level.

The Tatras is a popular skiing resort, and throughout the country there are numerous sports possibilities. One of the most popular is ice hockey.

The mountain ranges join the low range mountains to the south and the plains in the southwest surrounding the capital of Bratislava. The geographic center of Europe is in Slovakia at the Roman Catholic church of Saint John the Baptist, above the village of Kremnické Bane.

Since 1993 three subjects in Slovakia have been listed as cultural landmarks of UNESCO: Spiš Castle and the surrounding area, Banská Štiavnica und Vlkolínec. In the year 2000 the historical city of Bardejov in the Šariš region followed, and in 2008 UNESCO added the wooden churches of the Carpathian Mountain Area to the list. The long distance coaches travel to the cities Bratislava and Kosice.